Semen Collection

Semen Collection

Cattle Semen Collection

Our semen collection facility is now located on 78 Strawberry Fields Lane, Tamahere, near Cambridge.

The AB Centre is approved for export collections for most importing countries.

Approx 500,000 straws of frozen bull semen are produced annually for a variety of private clients.

The centre can accommodates over 80 bulls.

Bull semen collection
Goat eating hay

Ram & Buck Semen Collection

ABS collects and freezes approx. 5000 straws of ram and buck semen per year. 50 rams or bucks pass through the facility in the summer – autumn period. Approvals are in place for export of ram / buck semen.

The facility collects buck semen for distribution as fresh semen to the Waikato Dairy Goat industry.

Pig Semen Collection

ABS in a joint venture with Waratah Farms 2021 Ltd has operated a Pig AI business for the past 20 years. Waratah provide the genetics and ABS the semen production. Around 1000 doses of semen per week are distributed to piggeries throughout NZ. Breeds include:

  • Large White
  • Landrace
  • Duroc
  • DuraBoar

Approximately 32 piggeries throughout NZ are supplied twice weekly from this facility. Excellent pregnancy rates and litter sizes are recorded as part of our ongoing monitoring program. In 2021 we commissioned our new boar centre in Hamilton which features state of the art housing and processing facilities.

Pig semen collection