Artificial Insemination

Cattle Artificial Insemination

ABS has fine tuned Fixed Time AI in beef cattle, carrying out around 3000 AI’s per year over the past 20 years. ABS has also developed its unique Double AI Program where cows are set-up for a repeat fixed-time insemination including scanning at 28 days, the earliest date for reliable pregnancy diagnosis. Results from Double AI have been good. Both lactating beef cows and maiden heifers are also included in the program.

ABS can manage the whole process – collecting and processing bulls, despatching semen, synchrony drugs, AI and scanning.

Sheep, Dairy goat and Deer Artificial Insemination

AI enables breeders to use superior sires and to enable studs to link analysis of their flocks to other studs to increase the reliability of genetic evaluation.

Extensive Fixed Time AI programs are carried out in 5000+ sheep and goats. Ewes / does are synchronized using intra-vaginal sponges or CIDRs before being put up for laparoscopic AI with frozen semen at a fixed time after sponge/CIDR removal.

Conception rates are approx. 67% using frozen semen.

We carry out the whole process – collecting and processing rams / bucks, despatch of semen, synchrony and laparoscopic AI.