Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

Animal Breeding Services offers a range of breeding technologies for dairy and other livestock industries. We specialise in the areas of bull breeding, stud breeding, import/export and gene discovery. Our team of specialist staff use two methods of embryo transfer.

TVR / IVP (Trans-Vaginal Recovery)
Oocytes are collected and then fertilised in lab.

MOET ( Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer)
Multiple eggs are fertilised inside the animal, then embryos are collected non-surgically on day 7.

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Please note if you require a recipient option, please contact Bellevue Enterprises.


Abs has 4 farms.

1- Donor farm at Kihikihi
Sometimes it is easier to send the Donor animals to us rather than getting an ABS team to come to your property to do the work.
Some programs require a fair bit of preparation and time, our facilities are purpose built and the staff at ABS Kihikihi are trained to carry out these procedures.
We can farm different species of animals at Kihikihi, Catle, Sheep and Goats.

2- Recipient farm at Te Miro:
ABS offers the option of putting cattle embryos into our beef recipients.
Once the beef recipient is confirmed in calf and embryo is sexed (~day 60), the recipient in calf cow gets sold to the client.
We can also offer this procedure on Sheep at the Te Miro farm..

3- Recipient farm at Whitehall:
ABS offers the option of putting client’s embryos into our dried off dairy recipients.
Once scanned in calf the client has the option of buying the in calf recipient cow or ABS can follow through the pregnancy and calve the cow down at our Dairy farm on Bellevue rd giving the client the option of getting a weaned calf.

4- Dairy Farm – Bellevue
Our dairy farm only calves cows carrying an embryo pregnancy. We milk all year round, so we can implant client’s embryos into our recipients all year round without worrying about when they will calve.
The dairy farm also rears all the embryo calves. Once calves are weaned they get to go to the clients farm.