Cattle Embryo Transfer

ABS provides a range of world class embryo technologies in cattle, and has done
so for 20 years:

  • TVR (Trans vaginal recovery) of embryos and IVP (In vitro production) of embryos. ABS currently produces approx 5,000 IVP cattle embryos per year. This service has been operating for 10 years and offers the best method of producing multiple offspring from superior female cattle.
  • We are constantly updating our procedures, combining the latest technologies used in human IVP and freezing methods. Almost half of our IVP embryos are being frozen for domestic use or exporting. This uses the vitrification technique, an extremely hi-tech procedure of snap freezing that allows the highest IVP embryo survival after freezing/thawing. ABS has been leading this area for the past 3 years, presenting abstracts in international conferences both in the animal and human field.
  • MOET (Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer) is the more traditional embryo technology which is used especially for export programs and for work on farms where TVR / IVP is less practical.
  • ABS provides a recipient pool especially to support our TVR / IVP program. Over 900 carry-over dairy cows are farmed for this purpose on 320 hectares of land.
  • ABS has two centres which accommodate donor cows. Our Kihikihi ET centre of 40 hectares is for dry donor cows and heifers and our 140 hectare milking unit is for lactating cows. Our centres are export approved to most countries including EU, China and Chile.
  • Live Calf Contracts offer clients the ability to receive weaned calves from donor cows sent to ABS.

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