ABS offers a comprehensive range of reproductive technologies applicable to the livestock breeding industry. The company employs 25 staff in laboratory and field functions, and farms 500 hectares of farmland in support of the services it provides.
Animal Breeding Services (ABS) has been operating from it’s Hamilton base since 1996. The Rukuhia facility, now the Semen Collection centre and offices, has been operating since the 1970s. ABS operates four main business areas:

  • Semen collection centre for bulls, rams and bucks
  • Pig Genetics Joint Venture (with Waratah Farms)
  • Cattle Embryo Transfer, provision of recipients, AI and fetal sex scanning
  • Small Ruminant Embryo Transfer, and AI


Shareholders of Animal Breeding Services.

CRV International BV
Dutch cattle breeding company

Waratah Farms
JV partner in pork genetics.

John Hepburn
Current CEO.

Abs In Australia

Animal Breeding Australia Pty Ltd (ABA) is our Australian subsidiary.

ABA provides embryo transfer services in sheep and goats.

We have transferred approx 3000 sheep embryos in the past year. Lambing rates for the first year program achieved >62%.

For the past 10 years ABA has performed over 1000 flushing collections per year. Results for fresh embryos have recently exceeded 80%.

AB Europe

ABS has now completed it’s acquisition of a sizable stake in AB Europe.

The company, in July 2015, is heading into it’s busiest time of year and with a very high level of bookings, things are looking bright indeed.

Establishment of an IVP lab at it’s Edinburgh branch is also a further milestone and ABS has been very involved in the commissioning of this lab. Services will be offered to cattle, sheep and goats.

The pending opening of import conditions for sheep and goat embryos and semen from Europe to NZ is also expected to increase AB Europe’s workload and strengthen the link with ABS in NZ.

Staff sharing in seasonal breeding industries is also one of the advantages envisaged – this has happened with several staff from UK helping in NZ and Australia throughout 2015 to date and staff booked to head to UK in Sept from NZ.